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About JinCen-TM
About Jincen-TM
JINCEN-TM automotive component manufacturing LTD is a joint venture between Jincen Science & Technology,a leading vehicle component manufacturer in the PRC and TM Technischer Gerätebau a leading company in Europe for automotive refrigeration solutions. The JV was established in 2007 and is located in the No.008Weiwu Road, Shuangfeng Economic area, Hefei, P.R.China.

JINCEN-TM benefits from advanced technology, processes and equipment from Europe. JINCEN-TM specialises in design and manufacture of refrigerators,coolboxes,kitchennettes for coach and truck,as well as injection moulding components for truck and car. Furthermore, JINCEN-TM is engaged in the export of the coach toilet cubicles manufactured within the JINCEN Group.

JINCEN-TM employs an experienced workforce including both Chinese and foreign engineers. JINCEN-TM is adhering to the strict technology standards and quality standards of Germany and is finalising Quality Certificate ISO 9001:2000.

JINCEN-TM operates by the motto Excellence in Quality and Service.

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